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Houston; we have a problem!

March 16, 2011

Extract from entry on RBK website:

Councillor Neil Houston

Party: Liberal Democrat

Ward: Surbiton Hill Ward

Neighbourhood: Surbiton

Contact information

Home Address:
16 Cumbrae Gardens
Long Ditton

Phone: 020 8546 4469

Bus. Email:

The address given above is in Long Ditton, Elmbridge, outside RBK, even outside Greater London. Assuming that RBK has got its facts straight, and depending on his stated qualifications for election at the time of nomination last year, it may well be legal for him to remain a councillor in RBK even after having left it.

However it seems bizarre, to say the least of it, that a man should move outside the Borough less than one year after being elected a councillor in it. He will now be voting for Council Tax levels he no longer pays and doubtless enjoying performances at the Rose funded by subsidies paid for by his constituents but not by him. As I say, this is assuming that the info given out on the RBK website is accurate – and I know they go to a great deal of trouble to ensure that it is.

Curious phone number too! For Long Ditton…….

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