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Snow, snow, thick thick snow

December 18, 2010

Persons of a certain age will recall a radio band leader called Victor Sylvester, whose catch phrase was the dance instruction ‘Slow, slow, quick quick slow.’ In these weather conditions I always think of him and adapt his catch phrase.

Well, last night, after a relatively light powdering yesterday, even Langley Avenue, Corkran Road, Southborough Road and Woodlands Road were like ice rinks. The same was doubtless true of some of the roads around Cotterill and Ellerton Roads and elsewhere including Oakhill. But I hadn’t been there since Thursday, so I don’t know for certain.

How do I know this? Because I went out and looked. Old habits die hard. In the past I would have followed this up with a call to Highways asking for gritting. I may do yet if the people who are now councillors for Surbiton Hill don’t get off their ***es and look around their ward.

The fact that they live in Berrylands and Kingston Hill is no excuse. I have lived in Chessington for years and yet have always kept my eyes and ears open for what is happening in the ward I lived in for 11 years and represented on the Council for 12.

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