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Traffic in Oakhill

October 8, 2010

The resident who sent this also explained its significance in these words:

Attached are some photographs I took this morning at 0930 in Oakhill Road. There was a total gridlock involving cars wanting to pass through Oakhill Road, cars wanting to queue for the Doctor’s surgery and a service vehicle collecting recycling waste. The other photographs are what we have every morning in Oakhill Road: cars blocking the road as they queue to get into the Doctor’s surgery. The noise from car horns is deafening.

This follows a meeting last night at Surbiton Baptist Church about the proposal to build a 446 pupil school on the land left over after the polyclinic is built at Surbiton Hospital. Concerns about traffic generation were once again very much to the fore as was interest in the school building itself.

The site is just plain not big enough for such an institution. There will be so little amenity space available for the youngsters to stretch their legs that it is proposed to put the playground on the roof! There will be a 1.8 metre fence to stop the children falling off! (At least I think that’s what the report meant, though it said 1800 metres – i.e. 1.125 miles!)

Nick Kilby and I both asked questions and left the speakers and audience in doubt as to our views. Cllrs Houston and Self were present, and once again kept their views to themselves. They’ll have to come clean sooner or later!

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  1. bridget permalink
    October 12, 2010 4:03 pm

    Count me among those who think moving a school on the site is madness. Telling people to walk does not work. 3 surgeries in oakhill are to become 7. People WILL use cars to drop people off. Too much building on the Ewell Road anyway – Tesco at Ellerton Road could be at Red Lion Road too, the traffic will be horrendous in the future as all these new developments take shape. Wake up people of Surbiton before it is too late

  2. March 24, 2011 2:16 am

    How do you manage to maintain such a informative blog…great job!!!

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