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Schools and Hospitals

October 1, 2010

Plan for a new school?

Nick Kilby is reported in today’s Surrey Comet as having raised the question of the creation of a new primary school on the Surbiton Hospital site on land adjoining the proposed new polyclinic. Nick took up the point at the AGM of NHS Kingston, held recently, with NHS-K CEO Dave Smith.

From July last year Nick and I constantly sought, and were given, assurances that the two objectives would be kept separate and that no attempt would be made to cobble them both together in a single planning application. The intention of the Lib Dem Administration and NHS-K is now clear.  They are evidently bent on reneging on those assurances and putting in a single application for both projects.

I hope to attend both the stakeholder meeting at Surbiton Hospital on Monday evening and the Health Overview Panel at the Guildhall on Tuesday. I shall report anything of iterest i am able to unearth there.

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