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Thanks to EBRRA……..

July 28, 2010

……..for organising a very well attended public meeting at the Corner House on Monday.

The meeting was attended by several members and also non-members, notably from Ditton Road and Dennan Road, Neighbourhood Officer Christina Gardner, Highways Officer Karen Heslop, Neighbourhood Chair and Vice-Chair Yogan Yoganathan and Bob Steed, a PCSO, Cllr. Umesh Parekh and former cllr. myself.

Issues around the Triangle were aired at length, not only the yellow lines question but the potential siting of a bench for the convenience of residents. We have referred to this in earlier posts. There are real fears among Ditton Road residents that ASB incidents, already a problem, it seems, will be exacerbated if the bench if sited under the willow tree.

The thorny questions of junction treatment at the Ellerton Rd./Bond Rd, Ellerton Rd,/Dennan Rd., Bond Rd./Tolworth park Rd. and Ellerton Rd./ Thorhill Rd. were discussed.

The discussion was often lively but the important thing was that it happened at all and was so well supported by RBK. EBRRA is doing a fantastic job!

I can’t help feeling that it’s a pity that only one of the new ward councillors thought it worth his while to attend.

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