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Winter at Rushton Manor

July 22, 2010

Something for the weekend……….

“My dearest Friend

I hope this card finds you well. Life alone at Rushton Manor since the divorce has been somewhat more eventful than one had anticipated. I am not without a sense of adventure, but I can’t pretend I enjoy being haunted.

It would be comforting to have some company in this dark house !

It appears that it was not just my loathsome ex-husband who wished to be rid of me. I do hope you could join me for an evening.

Your friend


Join Rose for Winter at Rushton Manor at 7.30 on Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th July at the cornerHOUSE

RSVP for your tickets on 020 8296 9012

Winter at Rushton Manor is written by Dan R Martin and presented by The Knapper Experience. Their previous shows at the cornerHOUSE include The Butterfly House, News of Anath, and In Vegas.

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