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SNC decides not to decide

June 17, 2010

Last night’s Surbiton Neighbourhood meeting concerned itself largely with the question of yellow lines in and around Ellerton and Bond Roads. The officer’s report on the matter was partly the result of the site meeting we had in April. EBRRA leaders were there as were a number of petitioners who seem not to be members yet, but would be well advised to join.

The main bone of contention is the triangle area and the reason for dealing with it now is the impending development of 2 Ellerton Road by CNM Estates. The officer had also decided that the Traffic management Order should encompass double yellows at other junctions on Ellerton and Bond Roads as a safety measure.  Some residents seemed to think that white hatchings would suffice to deter parking on the junctions. I got the impression from the speeches made eventually by Cllrs. Self  (at tortuous length) and Parekh that they were inclined to this view and to singles rather than doubles at the triangle. If I am in error, they will doubtless correct me. However the hatchings may not be sufficient as this photo suggests. I took it in April 2006 at the junction of Mayfair Close and Ditton Road. If you look carefully you can just see the white hatching on which these vehicles are parked solid!

The Chair was kind enough, on noticing my arrival, to invite me to comment on the matter, which I did. Actually Frances Moseley made a very helpful suggestion in the light of the controversy, which was to deal with the triangle now as per the recommendation and leave the other, less pressing matters to a later date. This ‘fell on stony ground’ and after about 80 minutes debate the whole issue was deferred for further study.

I don’t know what Cllr. Houston thinks about this. He wasn’t there!

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