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Gardens no longer to be ‘brown’

June 11, 2010

It may be of interest to many Surbiton Hill residents that Communities Minister Greg Clark has pledged to reclassify as ‘green’ gardens currently categorised as brownfield sites – a planning category also used for old industrial sites that gives more leeway for development. Zac Goldsmith MP (Con. Richmond Park)  described the current system as ‘’totally undemocratic.’ He argued houses should be built on empty sites and at a balance needed at local level so the need for housing was weighed against the need for democracy and what people wanted.

Kingston Council some time ago voted unanimously to resist the increasing trend towards ‘garden grabbing’ for development and Southborough residents will recall that the ‘brown field’ designation of gardens played a major role in the Sunrise appeal.

Read a more detailed article on this on the ‘Planning Portal‘.

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