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OADRA: Comet catches on!

May 21, 2010

By Louise Robertson of the Surrey Comet.

Oakhill residents are invited to join a new residents’ association in a bid to find a true, community voice.

The non-political group’s main concern is development – the Surbiton Hospital site and the subsequent redevelopment of the Oakhill Health centre site in particular.

A spokesman for Oakhill and District Residents’ Association (OADRA) said: “There are misgivings about the proposal to build a primary school on the residue land next to the new polyclinic.

“It seems this is being put out for consultation when planning is already under way.

“It is understood that alternative uses for the site have not been seriously considered.”

They said one consultation survey revealed that only 11 per cent of those who responded agreed with the site being used for a school, and mooted the alternative ideas of sheltered housing or a residential care home in the area.

OADRA has been active since January, but would like more people to get involved.

The next meeting is on Thursday, May 27, at 8pm, in Surbiton Baptist Church, Langley Road.

Residents from Kingsdowne Road, odd numbers, Ewell Road, even numbers, South terrace, Glenbuck Road, South Bank and the Upper Brighton Road, even numbers, are all welcome at the meeting.

The creation of OADRA was greatly fostered by us as Councillors. It arose from some genuine needs explored by us with residents over the last couple of years. Pleas support it!

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