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Potholing in Ellerton Road

April 21, 2010

I spent part of this morning examining the recently filled in potholes in Ellerton Road. I had some Highways officers and a representative of R J Dance (contractors) and one or two local residents with me.

I must say that they had responded with commendable speed to complaints raised with them by John Tellick of EBRRA and myself. The pity is that the holes had been cold-filled in the first place, leaving a rather crumbly top and edges, whereas I would rather they had been ‘hot-boxed’ – a more expensive but also more durable method of repairing potholes. In discussion I pointed out that construction work will shortly start on the Police pound site at 2 Ellerton Road. This will involve some extensive excavation to construct an underground car park, then there will be lorries bringing in materials for the work. These heavy lorry movements would soon make mincemeat of the filling inserted in the holes. Cars are already sending showers of loose stones around.

Work to rectify should start very soon. I’ll post the details here as soon as I have them to hand.

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