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Kingston Hospital services

January 29, 2010

Extracts of letters from NHS SW London and from Helen Whately:-

Local Liberal Democrats Edward Davey MP and Susan Kramer MP have made claims that NHS organisations in south west London are considering an option to close the maternity and A&E at Kingston Hospital.

Healthcare for South West London strongly refutes any claims that there are secret plans to close A&E or maternity units at Kingston Hospital or any hospital.

The hospital’s management and the NHS in South West London have refuted the Lib Dem claim stating that “there are no secret plans to close A&E or maternity units at Kingston Hospital”. I attended the hospital’s board meeting on Wednesday 27th January, and heard the Chief Executive and Chairman both criticise this campaign, describing it as ‘irresponsible’. They are concerned that it is being stirred up for political purposes, without thinking of the impact on staff, recruitment (just when the hospital needs more midwives) and patients.

It is vital that hospital staff are able to continue delivering the best possible care for local people without the turmoil of a campaign to save the hospital if this is not a real threat. What the hospital needs at this time is an end to rumours, a focus on the facts, and support from the local community. I had my son George there 18 months ago, and I will be supporting the hospital, whatever happens.

Read the full text of the letter from NHS SW London and Helen’s letter on this issue on our new HEALTH AND HOSPITALS page.

Click on the link at the head of this page.

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