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Snow: response to call for action.

January 7, 2010

An extract from Mr. Rob Dickson’s reply to my email of yesterday:

The winter maintenance plan works on a clear set of priorities utilising resources as they are available on each order of priority. Residential roads and pavements are the lowest priority group and we will only get to these as resources become free from other higher priority activities. In that light conditions as you describe them in your email are broadly what I would expect.

On some specifics you raise:

  • I’ll get Bond Road checked as I know it was an issue in December – I had thought it was on our additional “ad hoc” route which should have been treated last night.
  • I’ll ask that roads and pavements around Surbiton Station and Oakhill Health Centre are checked (including South Bank).

The forecast is for the snow to stop this evening but for temperatures to drop overnight. Given that scenario we will again be treating all priority routes in the early hours of the morning and then move onto the next set of priorities. That will be tomorrow’s refuse collection rounds and as yet untreated areas as resources become available.

I hope this is helpful, thanks again for providing this information.

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