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Icy conditions

December 22, 2009

Residents are rightly concerned that some roads have not been gritted in the current bad weather.

We have taken this up with RBK Highways and their reply and advice is posted below:-

Dear Councillor Johnston,

Icy Conditions

Thank you for your recent e-mail to the Environmental Services department requesting gritting to be carried out in Bond Road and St Matthews Road.

Your request has been passed to our Street Scene department to arrange for this area to be added to our gritting requests.

Due to the adverse weather conditions we currently are experiencing, we have focussed our gritting resources on principle roads, town centres, schools (including walking routes to schools), bus and train stations, bus routes and roads to and outside public amenities such as hospitals and fire stations. The current situation is that gritting lorries are also now concentrating on targeting areas where refuse collections are to take place the following day due to the backlog of collections.

Any requests received from residents for gritting additional routes will be assessed and then prioritised and co-ordinated in conjunction with the priorities above.

We cannot give a time frame unfortunately, but the street scene team and our service partners are working very hard to tackle as many of the reported problem areas as possible.

You may find the following information and links to our web pages of interest –

Details of the Winter Maintenance RBK receives regular weather reports and hazard updates from the Met office, which are used to determine whether routes will be gritted, and which ones.  RBK has a detailed winter maintenance plan, which can be viewed on  When the prediction is that winter action is necessary, it is only the main routes in the borough which get treated automatically, but responsive treating can be requested and assessed.

Details of the treatment routes can be found at

In the case of a snowfall, street cleaners are used to remove snow from footpaths; safety comes first.

There are also several salt bins in the borough, which contain salt for residents to use to clear the pavement outside their property etc.

The location of salt bins can be found at

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  1. Mike Garner permalink
    December 24, 2009 9:22 pm

    On Tuesday(22/12) at about 6:50 AM I found a lady unconcious lying in the road at the junction of Thornhill Av and Red Lion Road, I did my best, she came around, she had slipped on three day old ungritted ice while buying her morning paper. Bad enough but it happens.

    At three PM today(24/12) I watched a load of boys setting up traffic lights, for what ?

    Answer me this:
    You can’t grit the streets but you have time to set up traffic lights on Xmas eve.

    Please come around and discuss this with me at 10 Largewood Av.

    • December 26, 2009 6:23 pm

      I take it that by ‘you’ you mean the Council generally rather than me personally. Neither I nor my party actually controls the Council or what it does. The Liberal Democrats do. We Conservatives at the moment can, and do, make representations in the hope of stirring the Administration into action.
      I am very grateful for your information. It ties in with other info I have received and with enquiries I have made around the ward. As you will have seen I have already taken the issue up with Council officers who have daily charge of these matters. I will pass this info on to them as well with my own added comments.
      If the lady who fell is known to you please give me her contact details by email to As for the traffic lights I have no knowledge of them but will try to find out. I will happily accept your invitation to call round next week if you will email me naming a date and time convenient to you between Monday and Thursday after 10.30 a.m. and preferably before 5 p.m.

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