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Blocked drains

December 1, 2009

The fall of leaves often causes problems after rain, especially in the Lovelace, Oakhill and Southborough and Ellerton, Bond and Douglas Road areas.The Council is responsible for the maintenance of roadside surface water drains (gullies) normally situated in the kerbside channel or gutter on the Council’s highways.  The Council’s responsibility is to keep the gullies clear and allow water to run away freely.  The gully consists of a grating on top of the gully pot leading to the pipe which conducts the water into the surface water main sewer (the main sewer is the responsibility of Thames Water).

Drainage problems on Council Housing property (e.g.School Lane) should in the first instance be reported to the Estate Manager.

The Council’s contractor is  scheduled to cleanse of all the Council gullies by neighbourhood once a year, those on classified roads twice.  There is also responsive gully cleanse of any gullies reported as blocked by residents or council inspectors.

If there is a drain that you suspect is blocked/not freely running away, please contact us or RBK Environment Call Centre on 020 8547 5560.

Thames Water Customer Care Line: 0845 920 0800

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  1. Bridget permalink
    December 1, 2009 5:48 pm

    Thanks for the info. I am sure many people will agree that once a year (or twice a year on some roads) is not enough in these times to remove all the leaves. With warmer temperatures the leaves are taking much longer to fall and the pavements are not being cleared of leaves very often. With heavier rainfall for this time of year, the drains cannot cope as the water pushes the leaves from the pavement into them.
    Would it not be sensible for the council to arrange more frequent gully clearances as a preventative measure. It is a bit late to let them know when the water has been unable to get down the blocked drains, which in the case of the Ewell Road, most of them. When I was young and before contractors, the drain clearing lorries were a frequent site during the autumn months. Money needs to be earmarked for more frequent clearing of drains. Also have you noticed how much water accumulates before and after certain road humps!! They should be removed as well.

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