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Lib Dems treat Leaseholders with contempt

November 25, 2009

At a fractious Council meeting last night the Lib Dems had to admit they had taken no action in relation to leaseholders concerns for repairs and maintenance.

Cllrs. Ian George and Paul Johnston put forward a motion calling on the Lib Dem Administration to honour its contractual obligations to leaseholders under their leases. Cllr Johnston pointed out “These are legal documents and money has changed hands in return for undertakings by the Council which have frequently been neglected.

Cllr. Ian George pointed out that the motion had been put because of the grave concerns voiced by Leaseholders , most recently at a meeting of the Executive. He said, “ Hearing their case we just couldn’t stand idly by as the complacent Lib Dems have done all these years.”

The Lib Dems used their majority to deflect Conservatives’ criticism  by replacing the Conservative motion with one of their own, mixing leaseholders with tenants in an attempt to camouflage their lack of action.

After 8 years in power the Lib Dems accused the Conservatives of not having a policy!

Conservative policy is quite clear, said Cllr Howard Jones Leader of the Conservative Opposition ‘The Lib Dems have repeatedly failed to solve this problem and leaseholders continue to suffer. It is symptomatic of a poor, tired and incompetent Administration. We will honour the terms of leaseholders’ leases and we will successfully manage a stock transfer during the time of the first full Conservative Administration since 1986.’

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