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September 19, 2009

rubbishconsultationAt Tuesday’s Council meeting the Lib Dem Councillor in charge of Recycling and Landfill, Cllr Bob Steed agreed with Conservatives that the Garden Waste collection service is not up to standard and they need to ‘do something’.

Conservative Cllr Eric Humphrey asked what steps the Council were taking to remedy deficiencies in the Green Waste Collection and this was the unsatisfactory answer given to him.

As well as paying for the Green Waste collection in addition to Council tax, Kingston residents also pay the highest Council tax in London and expect a better service from the current Administration.

The Conservatives fully support measures to increase recycling- a service they themselves introduced many years ago – but it needs to be an efficient service and value for money – which is not what our residents are getting at the moment from the Lib Dems.

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