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Out of FOCUS I

September 7, 2009

libdemlogoWe don’t see these very often, but we hear the Lib Dems are putting out a survey form in Southborough.

It comes with your name and address ready printed on it, so you don’t need to fill that in if you decide to fill in the questionnaire at all. In fact they make it plain that they know where you live already anyway!

Apart from the MP it also lists three people who are unknown to us and we suspect equally unknown to most residents of Southborough.

It’s pretty obvious that the MP is making Expenses a major plank in his election campaign. Three of the ‘questions’ feature it very prominently.

Disingenuously question 10 asks if you’d find it easier if you could vote at home by post. Everybody knows that you can apply for a postal vote on your official registration form, which you have recently received from the Council – so it seems odd to be asking this question. Except that they want to know ahead of the election next year who has postal votes and answering this question in the affirmative would give them a pretty shrewd idea. The same would be true of your phone number and email address, both of which they ask for.

Our advice, if you complete this questionnaire, is to withhold this information and refrain from answering Question 10. Otherwise, please recycle it in the green box provided!

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  1. Paul permalink
    September 8, 2009 9:06 am


    given what you say, I expect that you will also criticise Helen Whately for her disingenuous inclusion of an identical Postal Vote question alongside her current “Kingston and Surbiton Survey” (online at

    Kingston & Surbiton Convervatives clearly want to know ahead of the election next year who has postal votes and answering this question in the affirmative would give them a pretty shrewd idea.

    The same would be true of your personal details, which Kingston & Surbiton Convervatives ask for.

    I’m sure your advice will be that, if you complete Helen Whately’s questionnaire, withhold this information and refrain from answering the Postal Vote question.

    Ha! Talk about the Pot calling the Kettle Black!!!

    Rather than hypocritical mud slinging, why not spend you time sorting out more pressing issues – here are some exampels for starters

    1. scrutinising RBK progress on providing enough primary schools, where demand is actually located.

    2. asking why RBK think it acceptable to squeeze our pupils onto a new secondary school onto a North Kingston site that is practically half the size Govt recommends.

    3. examining why the Tiffin schools now take less than half their pupils from the borough – would a conversion to non-selective status actually be better for RBK pupils (a. more chances of RBK pupils getting in,
    b. less travel & congestion,
    c. no need to sacrifice leisure sites for new schools)

    4. do we really need consolidation of doctors’ surgeries in a new polyclinic – who supports the elderly having further to travel to see their GP.

    5. Is the polyclinic development just a facade for selling some of the Surbiton Hospital site, and using the profits to bankroll Health provision elsewhere in the borough? ie will Surbiton’s public space be sacrificed to beenfit other areas?

    6. checking the unsympathetic overdevelopment of the borough.

    7. investigating why the Surbiton Town Centre review appears to be slipping against published dates.



  2. September 8, 2009 12:48 pm

    Touché on the postal vote matter! Though I take it you agree with the rest of my analysis.

    All the other issues you raise are the constant concern of the RBK Conservative group. We have an education motion before Council at its next meeting, for instance.

    This site does try to address matters that are of major concern to people in Surbiton Hill ward. I realise that people read it as far away as North America and Australia (Russia too, to judge by the number of spam comments we get written in cyrillic script!)

    Whether you are one of our residents or not, thank you for reading it and for taking so much time to comment. Your comments are always valued and faithfully reported.

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