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Recycling for flats

July 27, 2009

boybin2.e59d3a32-2From RBK Environment:

Dear Councillor
……. We are now developing the plan for implementing a new collection service for flats. The vision for the flats service is that wherever physically possible, residents living in flats will receive a recycling and landfill waste collection service that is comparable to that already received by households. All residents in the borough should be able to recycle as much waste as possible.
The Waste Team has made good progress in planning the new services for flats. We are aware that there are a number of residents in flats who are enthusiastic about recycling, and we are aiming to ensure that as many of them as possible are included in the first stage of implementing the new service.

Interested residents should contact either RBK Department of Environmental Services or us. We would be particularly interested in hearing from Resident’s Association Committees or their officers. Contact details are on the ‘About Us’ page or on ‘Useful Phone Numbers’
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