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‘Phishing’ – PLEASE be careful

June 13, 2009
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gbcoinsnnotesThe other day I had an email that said it came from Lloyds TSB and it wanted to protect me from fraudulent use of my on-line banking facility. It went on to say that, if I didn’t respond to their action by clicking on a link embedded in the email, my account could be suspended.

This one looked very authentic and didn’t have the poor English that often gives these things away. I contacted Lloyds TSB and RBK Trading Standards. This and similar ‘requests’ are fraudulent and come from overseas. Trading Standards have referred this one to the Office of Fair Trading.

Please be alert yourselves and warn friends and relatives about scams of this kind. The process is called ‘phishing’ and the people who do it are trying to net your bank account details. Just delete any such message you receive and, if you feel any qualms about the safety of your account, get in touch with your bank.

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