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Beware ‘The Voice’!

June 3, 2009

The Lib Dems  are trying to latch on to the Gurkhas story in a ‘newspaper’ headed ‘The Voice’.

Having just celebrated forcing the Government to give them one, this leaflet asks readers to sign a petition for ‘a fair deal for Gurkhas’ (in large letters) ! On the face of it, then, the petition is superfluous at best.

What it really wants is the details of your name, address, email address, mobile number and landline number so that Lib Dem activists can pester you in future – it even says so in very small print, thus skirting round the Data Protection Act. None of this information is relevant to this ‘petition’. Our advice is not to sign it at all, but if you do, confine yourself to name and address only and state that you do not wish to be included on any database held by the Lib Dems for any purpose.

It also invites you to join the Lib Dems or make a donation. It is fair enough to invite people to join or donate to a political party. We do it all the time – but to do it under cover of helping a justly admired and unfairly treated group of soldiers strikes me as beneath contempt.

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