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Watch out! There’s a thief about!

May 27, 2009
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police1This old slogan from the 70s is still relevant today in Surbiton Hill.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team report that there have recently been seven burglaries in 12 days. Items stolen have mainly been things which could be moved easily and quickly, perhaps even pocketed! Jewellery and such like left open to view seems to have been the favourite target and the crimes have been mainly committed in flats in Oakhill, Glenbuck and Upper Brighton Road.

There have also been three late night ‘muggings’ in Victoria Park, so please be on your guard if you’re in that area on foot late at night.

Anyone seeing a crime in progress should not hesitate to dial 999. If you see anyone hanging around blocks of flats – loitering in a suspicious manner, as the TV shows have it – then please ring the Safer Neighbourhood Team. Their number and other contact details are on the ‘Useful Phone Numbers’ page of this site.

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