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Raven’s Ait squatters evicted

May 8, 2009

We were very pleased to see that this self-styled environment group ( actually squatters, one of whom claims to have been doing it for 18 years!) has been evicted from Raven’s Ait. During the squat we received one email in support of the squatters and quite a number from residents in the river roads complaining of the environmental damage that was being done.

They sought to enlist our support with a set of proposals on a website they had established. This was emailed to this writer two days ago. Leaving aside the sheer arrogance of much of the content, we were alarmed to note on the list of those from whom they evidently expected support the names of two sitting Lib Dem councillors and one former Lib Dem councillor from the old Tolworth East ward.

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