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What’s in Tolworth? II

November 22, 2008

We are glad to report that the word ‘Surbiton’ has reappeared on the Ditton Road sign opposite the ‘Maypole’ pub. However the problem seems to be spreading. We have now had a complaint from a resident in Egmont Avenue about the same problem. They feel that they bought their house a few years ago as a property in Surbiton, which the estate agent told them it was. They had no knowledge of a decision taken by the Executive over six years ago (but not then acted upon) on the suggestion of a defunct neighbourhood committee and can’t see why they should be affected by it now. Neither can we.

Let us hope that common sense will prevail, though Cllr. Liz Green, who was a member of the Executive at the time, seemed unenthusiastic at the last Neighbourhood Committee meeting.

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