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What’s in ‘Tolworth’?

October 25, 2008

Paul Johnston with irate residents

Paul Johnston with irate residents

New street name plates have appeared in Mayfair Close and (it emerged this morning) in Ditton Road (opposite the ‘Maypole’) proclaiming these streets to be in Tolworth.

This follows a decision of the Tolworth Neighbourhood Committee in 2002, made weeks before Tolworth Neighbourhood ceased to exist, and endorsed by the new Executive in May of that year.

The Ditton Road sign appears in a place which was NEVER part of Tolworth in its history. It is part of the area covered by Southborough Residents’ Association, who are annoyed about the appearance of this sign. Paul Johnston met angry residents of Mayfair Close this morning with a ‘Surrey Comet’ photographer. The Comet is supporting Paul and residents in a bid to get their sign changed. He has also spoken to SRA about a letter of protest to the next meeting of the Neighbourhood Committee on 12th November.

The aim is to get the Neighbourhood Committee to pass a new resolution about the future nameplates for the roads which were once in Tolworth Neighbourhood but which have been in Surbiton and Surbiton Hill Ward for the past nearly seven years now. This will then be passed to Executive.

Paul said,’ We had a major row over the Council doing this to Herne Road a couple of years ago. It beggars belief that we are having to go over the same ground again that we explored so thoroughly then.’

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  1. Paul permalink
    November 15, 2008 12:58 am

    It beggars belief that RBK Schools Admission section has now unilaterally declared that Surbiton, Berrylands, Tolworth and Knollmead are all now located in Surbiton.

    For when they say that local places are being provided for Surbiton children, what they really mean is that places are being provided 4km (or one and a half hours round trip, if you prefer) away in Knollmead.

    Funny that RBK Schools Admissions don’t bother consulting RBK itself, given that RBK in 2002 decided to preserve the distinct historic names, an dto refer to Surbiton as Surbiton, Berrylands as Berrylands, and Tolworth as Tolworth. Maybe RBK Schools Admissions should contact David White of RBK, who might be able to clarify exactly where most people regard as Surbiton is actually located.

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