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Future of Surbiton Hospital in balance

October 22, 2008

The PCT has commissioned a report from McKinseys on the future of Surbiton Hospital. The Surrey Comet carries a report which you can read in abbreviated form on the above link.

We take the view that we should not comment on the report until we have had an opportunity to read it. However, as Paul Johnston told the Comet, “Our view is, as it has always been, that the Hospital should remain as a state of the art medical facility for the people of Surbiton. It may well combine other facilities on the same site. Alongside doctors’ surgeries could be other outpatient facilities and quite possibly some Council services could have a base there too. The PCT could perhaps move its offices onto the site to avoid having to pay for its present expensive offices on Hollyfield Road.”

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  1. Bridget permalink
    November 24, 2008 5:46 pm

    Paul, I have read your detailed comments and have no answers just observations. Through hard work I am lucky enough to own and live in a big house but will have to see out my years on a reduced pension. When I was growing up and living in a council house we had to walk a long way to the only local school (no cars then) we crossed brooks and fields and had to run fast to beat the bull but it made us fit and independent! Perhaps the problem is too much choice (6th or 7th) I dont agree with catchment areas. The world finances are in a mess cos people began treating houses/flats as a pension or investment pot instead of a home to live in. You end on that very subject, that if people in richer areas cannot get their children into the best schools people move. But if well off people could only get their children into so called “bad” schools they may have more influence in getting improvements. RBK does need to get a grip on infrastructure because if Tesco goes ahead that is over 500 flats (1000 people?)Tolworth Tower 220 flats (400 people?) Red Lion 60 flats/houses (120 people?) not to mention all the other new developments going on in Surbiton area. So a local hospital and schools and doctors WILL be needed for the future demograph

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