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New bin delivery begins

September 26, 2008

The RBK website reports’

Over the next 10 weeks, recycling containers and wheelie bins will be delivered to the 50,000 houses, converted flats and maisonettes that will soon be part of the new Recycling and Landfill Waste Collection Service.

  • Black wheelie bin – will be emptied every two weeks and used to store ‘landfill waste’ (any rubbish that cannot be reused, recycled or composted).
  • The containers being delivered are:

    • Green recycling box – will be emptied every week and used to store paper, plastic bottles, glass, cans & tins, textiles & shoes, liquid food & drink cartons, household batteries and telephone directories.  Green boxes will only be delivered to those households that have requested them.
    • White reusable bag – will be emptied every week and used to store cardboard and card.
    • Brown food waste container – will be emptied every week and used to store cooked and uncooked food waste, tea bags & coffee grinds, cut flowers and pet food.  Households will also be provided with a smaller kitchen caddy for use inside the house.

    Please note that the new green boxes are deeper than the old ones, but you will only get a new one if you ask for it. You will also get a further important information pack which you will find in the bottom of your 180 litre wheelie bin. Please do not overlook this and please get in touch with us or with the Environment call centre (tel: 020 8547 5560) if you encounter any problems.

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