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Council Tax still highest

February 28, 2008

Last night the Council Tax for 2008-9 was fixed following a last minute transfer of £100,00 from balances to give an increase which the Liberal Democrat Administration boasts is ‘lower than the rate of inflation’. And so it is, if you use the Retail Price Index, which currently has inflation running at 4.1%. In fact the figure the Government uses is one of its own creation, called the Consumer Price Index. Somehow this has inflation running at about 2.4%, 1% lower than this year’s CT rise of 3.4%

The bold figures  are that Band D payers will pay £1580, Band F £2282 and Band H £3159 next year. The full list can be found on the RBK website.

Residents might like to take on board, in this year of Mayoral Elections, that Band D payers will pay £309 of their £1580 to fund the Mayor of London and the services he ‘provides’. Band F will chip in £447 and Band H will contribute £619. This will fund some essential services but it will also be paying Ken’s crony ‘advisers’ salaries of £123,000 a time and funding the ’embassies’ Ken has set up in seven other countries, including Venezuela. If people don’t think this is a good way to spend OUR money they have it literally in their hands on May 1st to do something about it.

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