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Bus passes: Lib Dem spin exposed!

December 19, 2007

The following was released this afternoon by Cllr. Howard Jones, Leader of the conservative Group:-

Cllr Howard Jones, Leader of the Conservative Group, hit back today against misleading, malicious and manipulative claims by the Lib Dems over an issue which affects the elderly and disabled people of the Royal Borough.

Lib Dem Cllr Liz Green (nee Shard) circulated a press release which falsely claimed that Conservatives at London Councils had blocked plans to give more money to Kingston Council. Cllr Green was wrong. All parties were in consensus at the meeting, including her own Lib Dem Leadership.

Cllr Liz Green was present and said nothing at the meeting on 13th December 2007. She and other Lib Dems voted with Conservative and Labour Councillors. If she was upset by the shared views of all parties, including her own, she certainly made no comments and also voted for the agreed consensus decision.

Conservatives and representatives from the two other parties had agreed at an earlier Leaders Meeting that a consensual way forward would achieve the best results for all London boroughs in the short term. Her claim that she was able to achieve £450,000 for Kingston Council is also misleading and mischievous. It was part of the agreed way forward and not a sum of money won by her participation.  She said NOTHING at the meeting. 

Cllr Howard Jones said, “All parties were trying to get the best results for the residents. Cllr Green seems happy to play gutter politics. She was present at the meeting representing Kingston and voted for the decision. It’s a bit strange that she is now blaming others for her own decision. She had the opportunity to either vote against or to veto the decision.

The decision made was unanimous, even Cllr Green’s boss Cllr Osbourne agreed. 

Her manipulation and spin on the facts are almost beyond belief – she cannot be taken seriously”.

Perhaps this is what Mr. Clegg means by ‘a new kind of politics’. Seems just like more of the same to us!

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