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Janet and Paul on local health concerns

October 12, 2007


Cllr Bowen Hitchings spoke at full Council on Tuesday of the lack of communication, rumours and misinformation. She stated that communication had broken down and this in turn had led to outrage from residents.

News was reported in the papers before it was officially told to Cllrs and she was fed up at having to make excuses for our lack of knowledge. In particular the Health Overview Panel did not seem to be very effective as a watchdog on local health services on the community’s behalf.

cllrjohnston10.jpg Supporting her, Paul drew attention to the current controversy over the future of Springboard and mental health beds at Tolworth Hospital, especially Fuchsia ward. He pointed out that the HOP had demanded a full public consultation on this whereas there seemed to be a desire on the part of the PCT and some within the HOP structure to keep the public out as much as possible. Many cuts were being driven by the fact that the PCT had managed to accumulate a £22m deficit in its short life whereas it had an annual budget bigger than that of RBK, he said.

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