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Free tests for elderly on electric blankets

August 18, 2007

Kingston Trading Standards have provided this service to elderly people for many years. The following info. mught be of interest to anyone who wants to avail themselves of the service or who has an elderly relative in the Borough who should do so.

“Kingston Council offers free electric blanket tests to older people.

Kingston Council will be giving older residents in the borough the chance to have their electric blankets checked free of charge. The checks, by appointment only, will be made free on Tuesday 4 September. Priority will be given to older residents.

Last year, the checks made by Kingston Council Trading Standards found that 26% of those tested were classed as unsafe due to various faults. Blankets over 12 years of age may have not have an overheat protection device, so that any failure would be likely to result in a hazardous situation.

Ted Forsyth, Kingston Council’s Chief Trading Standards Officer said; “The failure rate is still too high and so we have decided to run another day of free checks on electric blankets for local residents as a means of reducing the risk to those using older type blankets.”

Home Office statistics show that every year approximately 1000 fires are caused by defective electric blankets. As a result of these fires, around 20 people are killed and 200 injured. Older people, who generally use electric blankets, are particularly vulnerable.

If you are a resident of the Royal Borough, you can have your blanket tested by booking an appointment by telephoning Kingston Council on 020 8547 5518. Blankets can only be tested if a prior appointment has been made and will be given on a first come first served basis.”

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