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Sunrise appeal

August 9, 2007

Ward councillors attended all days of the appeal enquiry and Paul Johnston spoke to the enquiry on the third morning.

Opposing the appeal he said that,

  • if allowed, the appeal would lead to the replacement of four serviceable family homes and gardens with what would amount to the biggest building in Surbiton Hill ward.
  • He also drew attention to earlier infrastructure problems in the area, where Victorian drains had given problems in the past and pointed out that the Sunrise development would involve a substantial increase in the number of toilets, baths, washbasins and kitchen sinks discharging into the system.
  • The question had also been raised as to whether the home if built would constitute a ‘home for life’ for the residents. It would be expensive to live there and nursing care was not envisaged in the plans. It would follow that residents could well become a burden on the already overstretched resources of Kingston Social Services and the heavily indebted Primary Care Trust.
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