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Recycling for flats – a view from Lovelace

June 29, 2007


 A Lovelace Road resident has copied to us a letter he has sent to the Council regarding the recent introduction of the new recycling service for flats.  We would appreciate any comments other residents would care to make on their experience of the new service:-

“I am writing to you as a resident of ……….Lovelace Road, Surbiton to express my frustration and anger at the shambles which has been associated with the proposed introduction of your new recycling service for flats. May I say at the outset that I am no way opposed to the concept of recycling, and have for many years, at my own expense, collected, and taken by car to recycling to centres in the Borough, paper, glass, tin cans and plastic items..


The only item I have received so far has been a 25 l bin, of such poor quality that it took some time to ensure that the lid could be properly closed. ( It was left with the lid open and the handle so positioned that the lid could not be closed. Fortunately I was able to wrestle the handle into such a position that it was possible to close the lid. I have been told by neighbours of similar problems with the bins delivered to them) Judging by the standard of design/manufacture of the bin, I suspect it will not last long..Please advise what arrangements have been made for bin replacement and recycling.


 As I have not received the promised detailed information on how to use the service or any bin liners or orange sacks I am unable to do anything except to find space in my flat for a useless bin. Please advise when I may expect to receive these missing items.


I note only plastic bottles can be placed in the orange sacks. What about the many other recyclable plastic items.? These include, but are not limited to, milk containers, soup pots, detergent containers, certain packaaging items,  etc, etc. 


While the above comments are my own, I know  from casual discussions with several other local residents that they too are devoid of information leaflets, liners, and orange sacks, although I have heard of a resident in a nearby block who has received an instruction leaflet. Consequently we neither know when this service will start nor are we able to collect any recyclable food waste in anticipation of its commencement.”


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