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Bus Stop in Thornhill Road part 3

November 26, 2006

 There follows an extract from the Minutes of the meeting of Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee dated 7th September 2006. Reading it, it’s fairly clear what ought to have happened. Your Councillors are at a loss to understand why it hasn’t happened. The meeting suggested by Paul Johnston took place the following Monday. Other members and officers were invited. Nick Kilby turned up.



A number of residents were in attendance with questions about the relocation of a

bus stop in Thornhill Road. The Chair advised that the placement of bus stops was

decided by London Buses and Transport for London. Earlier in the year, in

response to requests from Transport for London, the Neighbourhood Committee

had agreed to minor highway changes to enable the repositioning of the bus stop.

The Chair advised that there was a need for the Council to be better at informing

people that Transport for London had responsibility for these matters and this would

need to be looked at in terms of policy.

Residents closest to the proposed relocation site suggested that the bus stop could

be placed further from the junction, which they believed would be more in line with

Transport for London’s own guidelines. Members of the Committee were in

agreement that the original decision to relocate the bus stop from its existing

position was the correct one, however if there was an unexplored option Transport

for London should be made aware of it. Councillor Paul Johnston agreed to arrange

a meeting with the residents involved and the Neighbourhood Traffic Engineer on

site to investigate whether there was an unexplored option.

The residents closest to the original location of the bus stop thanked the Councillors

for the decision to relocate the stop from an unsuitable location which had caused

parking problems.”

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