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Moved bus stop in Thornhill Road

November 10, 2006

It seems that the bus stop in Thornhill Road outside no. 155 is about to be moved at last to a location by the corner of Thornhill and Douglas Roads. Apparently EDF have been instructed to lay on the electricity supply to the new site.

We have been campaigning to have the exact site of the stop moved about 5 metres along the road so that the bus stops opposite the garden wall of 180 Douglas Road and not opposite the house wall. The plan from TfL would have buses stopping and starting 4 times an hour less than 2 metres from the sofa in the lounge of no. 180 Douglas Road – hardly fair on the inhabitants!


Owing to the decision by the Neighbourhood Co-Chairs to refuse the extension of the bus cage to allow the stop and shelter to be moved a few meters to along side the garden wall of No.180 Douglas Rd away from the side of the house which London buses is happy to do, London Buses will at this time be installing the stop in the agreed location but I have put a hold on the shelter installation.

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