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November 25, 2009

At last night’s Meeting of the Full Council, Lib Dem Leader Derek Osbourne announced he has no intention of trying to deliver a 0% Council Tax increase, as seen in many other London Boroughs such as Hillingdon, Wandsworth or Westminster.


The question was raised by Conservative Councillor Nick Kilby who had hoped Council officers might’ve been instructed by the Lib Dem Administration to prepare a budget for next year that would allow the Council to approve a 0% increase. In reply, Cllr Osborne retorted ‘No’. He also admitted that he would find it very hard to do so without impacting on services, and that he was unwilling to do so simply to make a ‘political point’.


Cllr Kilby, who feels that Kingston residents deserve better after years of having to pay the highest Council Tax in London, added ‘If the One Council programme had been better managed by the Lib Dems, we would have already had £2 million saved to fund a 0% increase. More Lib Dem incompetence equals another lost opportunity for our residents’.

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