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Moliere comes to Surbiton

November 7, 2014

Here are details about Tartuffe which is coming to cornerHOUSE this month. It’s the first in a series of new inHOUSE cornerHOUSE productions. There are a few familiar cornerHOUSE faces in it and we hope you can come to this fast-paced, witty, thought-provoking comedy.

There is a booking link below. You can also buy tickets on the door (subject to availability.)

Tartuffe is a comic masterpiece which highlights the dangers of blind faith. This hilarious 17th century comedy by Moliere about religious hypocrisy, relaunches inHOUSE productions.
Masquerading as a man of God, Tartuffe, a down and out, inveigles his way into the home of a pious yet foolhardy merchant. The charlatan is soon trying to seduce Orgon’s wife, marry his daughter and make off with his wealth!
The rest of the household goes to hilarious lengths to try to prove that Tartuffe is a conman, but he always seems to be one step ahead. Will the clever and wily Tartuffe be unmasked before the family lose everything to his devious ambition? Who will prevail?
Find out from Wednesday, November 19 to Saturday, November 22 at 7.45pm
Tickets are £8 (£6 concessions).( There is an additional booking fee for using the Ticket Source website.)

If you have any problems booking your tickets please email and we will endeavour to help.

Tickets can be bought on the night too (subject to availability) at the cornerHOUSE box office. Cash only.

cornerHOUSE, 116 Douglas Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7SB – Tel 020 8296 9012

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The Douglas Centre Trust ( a registered charity no. 1047038, limited co. no. 3057887 )

Premises provided by Tolworth Team Ministry

‘Mansion Tax’ or tax on homes?

October 22, 2014

I have just received the following from Treasury Minister Priti Patel. She raises a point that MPs across parties have realised may hit some of their constituents very hard. As a Surbiton Hill Councillor for 12 years I was concerned about the impact the proposal might have on some of my residents who bought houses in, say, Southborough, decades ago whose market value has soared while their incomes have often contracted. It’s worth remembering that, whils Ed Milliband is proposing it now, it was originally mooted by the Lib Dem MP for Twickenham, Vince Cable.

‘Let’s stop calling it a “mansion tax”- these are not mansions, these are family homes’ – Tessa Jowell, Labour MP

Ed Miliband’s planned tax on the family home will hit hardworking people across the country – as even his own MPs and Peers admit:

  • ‘It will impact disastrously on people…particularly pensioners’ – Glenda Jackson, Labour MP
  • ‘It is misconceived…what it does is create a cliff edge’ – Nick Raynsford, Labour MP
  • ‘A hopeless and desperate idea’ – Lord Noon, Labour Peer

Show YOUR opposition to this latest Labour tax – sign the petition today.

Labour said only ‘the most wealthy’ would pay their homes tax – but now Ed Balls is saying that everyone who earns £42,000 or more will have to pay up front.

Labour said pensioners would be protected – but Ed Balls admitted this week that pensioners will have to pay the tax after they die.

Labour said only homes worth £2 million would be hit – but already a senior Labour figure has demanded the tax be extended to homes worth £400,000 in the North of England (Claire Reynolds, quoted in The Sunday Express, 10/08/14).

It’s clear that hardworking families across the country would be hit by Labour’s latest tax.

And it’s clearer than ever that a Labour government would mean a return to higher taxes, more debt, and a stalled economy.

Add your name to our petition today and let’s stop Labour’s plans:

Thank you,

Priti Patel
Treasury Minister

Local high wind damage

October 21, 2014

   A fallen tree has blocked the railway line betwee Surbiton and Hampton Court today. You can chack out the story by accessing the Surrey Comet website using the news link in the right hand column of this page.

The corner HOUSE at half term

October 16, 2014

Monday 27th October 10.00 – Noon

The Big Draw : Winter Draws On…our view through a cornerHOUSE window…

Come and complete our mural of our local sky and landscapes. Working in the main foyer of the cornerHOUSE we have prepared four ‘windows’ for you to add your items to. There are plant troughs for people to create flowers, bees and more, and three free-standing housing structures. We will have a range of materials for people to use. All ages and abilities welcome

This is a joint project between the cornerHOUSE and the Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames, encouraging people to think about what they see in their local sky and landscapes.

This is a FREE event ( refreshments will be available at a small charge.)

Tuesday 28th October 1.00 – 4.00 pm

Italian-British family social day

Enjoy a fantastic comedy movie about the adventures of a group of neighbourhood children. ( Shown in Italian with English subtitles) Plus storyteller Max Spera reads The Real History of the Watch. And there are fun drawing activities and refreshments. Children over four £3.00 ( cH film club members £2.50 ) Adults and children under four are free. Information from the Italian British Association : or

Wed 29th & Thu 30th October 9.30 – 11.45 am

Fun & creative Half Term drama workshops with an Autumn/Halloween theme for all children aged 5 – 11 years.

If your children like creating stories and characters, playing games and using their imaginations, then Katy’s Drama Club is the place to be this half term.

Strengthen listening and communication skills, and develop confidence, whilst having oodles of fun.

£15 per workshop (£12 Sibling discount)

Limited places so booking essential.

Contact :

07940 446277

cornerHOUSE, 116 Douglas Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7SB – Tel 020 8296 9012

e-mail =

The Douglas Centre Trust ( a registered charity no. 1047038, limited co. no. 3057887 )

Premises provided by the parish of St Matthew and St George, Surbiton and Tolworth

Surbiton neighbourhood matters!

June 27, 2014

The latest edition of Surbiton Neighbourhood Matters is available on line at this link.

Ex Lib Dem Cllr convicted of benefit fraud

June 13, 2014

Today the Surrey Comet website carries the story of the conviction of a former Lib Dem councillor for Canbury ward for claiming social security benefits to which he wasn’t entitled.

The report states that ‘(his offences) include failing to declare £18,000 in Premium Bonds, 123 shares in a Barclays premium account and rental income from a lodger.

He also failed to notify the council he was receiving councillor’s allowance after being elected in May 2010.

He has since repaid the council in full. ‘

Did the Lib Dem Council really run on the principle that ‘the right hand knoweth not what the left hand doeth’? Why did no-one at RBK notice that this recipient of benefits from them was also being paid BY them and somehow concealing the fact FROM them?

You really couldn’t make it up!

cornerHOUSE in June and July

June 11, 2014

Fri 13 : ‘cH social evening ‘ - it’s summertime, the bar is open, the company is good, the books are out, the fun and games are down to you; join us for a chat and an inexpensive drink. Just come along from 7.00. No pressure !

Sat 14 : Crafty Afty – another cooperative session from the crafters of KT6. Bring your latest project and work on it with kindred spirits. Knitting, appliqué, card-craft, weaving, metalwork, whatever inspires you. Tea and cakes for when you flag. ( Flags and banners – now there’s an idea ! ) Just drop by between 1.00 and 5.00pm

Tu 17 : Gala – Sandra Sullivan – come and meet Sandra, the artistic spirit behind our June exhibition. Discuss her work and enjoy a drink in her company. From 7.00 pm. Sandra’s work is on display throughout the month.

Thu 26 – Sat 28 : Hay Fever ; the Green Theatre returns to the cornerHOUSE with a Noel Coward revival. This exciting young company wowed us with their stunning Noises Off, and gave us a radical view of the work of A.A. Milne. Lets see what they make of this classic drama; just three performances so don’t you dare miss this. To book tickets ( £8 – £6 for concessions ) call: 07462 751682 or e-mail:

Sun 29 : Film Club – two stunning and award winning international films this month. Details are being mailed to members but if you are not on the list you can join now ; e-mail Just £10 gives you free admission to all club screenings till May next year.

…plus put these July dates in your diary in

Tu 8 – Wed 9 : Kingston Junior Drama’s latest : Conversations in a Time of War

Sat 12 : Crafty Afty

Tu 15 : Art Gala

Fri 18 : ‘cH social evening ‘

Thu 24 : Comedy – Mark Watson – as seen on TV – full pre-tour show – tickets on sale already

Sun 27 : Film Club

For more of July’s eventsdetails see the cornerHOUSE website ) or next month’s newsletter.

Don’t miss a thing, though; join us on Face Book and Twitter !

cornerHOUSE, 116 Douglas Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7SB – Tel 020 8296 9012

e-mail =

The Douglas Centre Trust ( a registered charity no. 1047038, limited co. no. 3057887 )

Premises provided by the parish of St Matthew and St George, Surbiton and Tolworth



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